Monday, November 25, 2013

Brands Creating Goodwill By Doing Good Deeds

It's a novel concept.  Don't just fake it by scripting a happy, smiley-faced commercial that makes the viewer look more kindly toward your company.  Actually make it point to do good works, then make sure the public knows about it.  

Companies like Honda, Coke, Dove, and even Citibank have started high-profile projects that benefit individuals, organizations or the public at large.  They can then create a public relations campaign around the project, or even lie back and let the news media report on them as legitimately newsworthy deeds.  Either way, a small or large investment can pay off in a company's branding, image, and goodwill.

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Excerpt: "I’m talking about brands who stage very active and public displays of good from the brand and make it their marketing. The kind of good that is tied intimately to the brand’s truth, that truly affects the people it touches, and that makes on-lookers feel good just to witness the acts.

Well, I have noticed, and it’s got me thinking about what a brand can be today, particularly during these emotionally down times. Because this kind of branding a far cry from any old-school definition. Today, brands are experimenting with very public displays of affection, and to great effect.

Honda has a recent history of good-karma marketing. Look no further than its 'Project Drive-in' campaign, where Honda is saving the automobile’s ' playground,' the drive-in movie theater, by providing much-needed and very expensieve digital projectors to those who can’t afford them. Smart. Or look at Honda’s more recent 'Start something special' campaign. Their TV spots focus on a Honda model and its driver and, more to the point, focus on something special the driver is 'starting' in his or her life through they eyes of their Honda. Suddenly, the Honda is not a car at all, but a catalyst for, and witness to, life’s progress. Nice, but it gets better.

Honda has taken this concept of 'Start something special' to the real world with filmed live stunts, where the brand itself actually 'starts something special' for someone. Here’s an example, where a woman asked a local Honda dealer if she could borrow three Honda CR-Vs to transport her wedding party, and this is what she got:"

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